Vancouver Island Seeds

Vancouver Island Seeds

Vancouver Island Seeds is happy to supply our world famous premium cannabis seeds globally. With our connection, you'll find over a hundred of the best cannabis genetics in the world.

Canada’s Best Cannabis Seed Bank

Canada is world famous for growing some of the best cannabis strains in the world. Vancouver Island, BC has the best climate in the entire world for growing cannabis seeds. All strains can be acclimatized on Vacouver Island, Tropical strains, as well as mountainous Alpine strains. So, it's the best place to breed marijuana seeds so export inetrnationally and domestically.

Global Surge Demands More Cannabis Seeds Than Exist

Global surge demands more cannabis seeds than exists. It seems like everyone is growing cannabis these days. The USA and Canada are leaders and Australia is expected to follow next. The race is on to buy marijuana seeds, but there is not enough to supply everyone. Don't miss out on this years grow season. Make sure you buy your seeds now before they sell out and your left without any buds.

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