Vancouver Island Seeds is Canada's Best Seed Bank

We use the latest cutting edge technology to grow the best Vancouver Island Seeds. Canada is the leader for advanced cannabis growing techniques. So when you're choosing your Canadian weed seeds, make sure you get the best from us and grow right, right form the start.

Vancouver Island Seeds

Vancouver Island Seeds is happy to supply our world famous premium cannabis seeds globally.

High Quality Vancouver Island Cannabis Seeds

Get high quality seeds from the best Vancouver Island seed bank. With our breeder connections, you'll find over a hundred of the best cannabis genetics, delivered around the world.

Best Canadian Pot Seed Breeders

Vancouver BC has the best weather for marijuana seed production. The best breeders come from Vancouver Island because that's where we have been raised since birth, away from the fuzz and natually protected in isolation off the main land.

Island Growers for Generations

Our ancestors have been breeding cannabis on Vacouver Island for many generations.

Canada’s Best Cannabis Seed Bank

Canada is world famous for growing some of the best cannabis strains in the world using the latest grow technology.

Best Climate Make The Best Seed

Vancouver Island, BC has the best climate in the entire world for growing cannabis seeds. All strains can be acclimatized on Vacouver Island including tropical sativa strains, as well as mountainous Alpine strains. So, it's the best place to breed marijuana seeds to export internationally and domestically.

World Famous British Cannabis Columbia Seeds

Buy the best genetics from BC's world famous Vancouver Island Seed Bank. We have top quality genetics shipped worldwide.

Cannabis Seeds Sales Skyrocket

With all the lock downs going on around the work and people out if work, seed sales are skyrocketing. This new global demand is larger than the amount of cannabis seeds that currently exists. It seems like everyone is growing cannabis as a relaxing hobby these days to combat trhe stress and anxiety that is upon us.

Vancouver Island Harvest

The USA, Canada and Australia are currently buying all of our stock. Our outdoor Vancouver island seed harvest is now finishing up, so act now while fresh stock is here and available, we can't guarantee stock levels even tomorrow.

BC Seed Stock

The race is on to buy marijuana seeds, but there is not enough to supply everyone. Don't miss out on this years grow season, indoors our out.

Buy Your Favourite BC Cannabis Strains

Make sure you buy your seeds now before they sell out and your left without any buds.

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Vancouver Island Seeds

Reliable Trustworthy Vancouver Seed Bank

We are your reliable and trustworthy Vancouver seed bank. Established online February 2012, Vancouver Island Seeds is proud to be Canadian serving up delicious local strains like texada time warp, Northern lights feminized, skunk number one and many more. Buy the best Canadian seeds from the best Vancouver seed bank. Buy from our safe seed bank with guaranteed stealth delivery if you live in the USA and Australia.