About the Vancouver Island Seed Bank

Canada’s top three cannabis breeders formed the best Vacouver Island Seed Bank in 1999 and started selling seeds online thru their Vancouver Island Website on February 28th, 2012.

Who’s Got The Best Grow Patch

Back in the old days they spent all thier time together and became great friends even to this day that love working and smoking together. During the BC seed growing season, they monitor each others “outdoor grow patches”, sharing breeding and growing tips. It’s nice to have three professional eye’s constantly watching over their cannabis strains.

Vancouver Island Seed Bank

Perfecting Breed Selection

They help pinpoint favorable plants with favorable traits and terps for next years crop. Every year each and every strain they grow get’s improved. Either its terp flavors, CBD, THC levels, height, its cola column and many other variables are perfected, over and over again.

Grateful to their Customers

We are greatful to be in this industry, making lifelong friendships along the way. There is no other job any of us would want to take. We love what we do and having the ability to work outdoors with this magical plant.

Find Out More About The Vancouver Island Seed Bank and contact them here. You can find Vancouver Island Seeds for sale in the Seed Shop.

Grow Tip From Vancouver Seed Bank

Please feel free to message the team anytime with questions regarding your grow. We will help you get the best out of your marijuana plants. From germination tips to training, we’ve got answers and practical solutions to make your grow outperform what you thought imaginable.

Oil Your Tools During Harvesting

Don’t forget to wet your hands and scissors in oil before trimming at harvest, you don’t want you fingers stuck together that you’ll be unable to roll a joint. It also allows your scissors to get the work done on time instead of trying to sort out how to unstick all those trichomes keeping your baldes stuck together like crazy.