Buy Vancouver Island Seeds direct from the world’s most famous breeders. We have a huge selection of top shelf cannabis seeds from our Vancouver Seed Store. You can select from famous Canadian marijuana strains like Northen Lights, Skunk, and even Alaskan strains for our nearby American friends.

Vancouver Seed Store

Native Vancouver Pender Island Cannabis

You may even want to try your hands growing up some native landrace Vancouver Island Seeds. Texada Time Warp from Pender Island makes a great smoke out with friends. It’s a delight to smoke with a beer or coffee in your hand. It makes the time go by greener, especially when you’re on Island time. It pleases your soul and keeps your spirits high.

Specialized Canadian Weed Seeds

We specialize in breeding only the finest Canadian weed seeds. Buy Vancouver weed seeds so your garden will flourish and outshine the competitions. When you grow BC Weed from seed, you’ll see the difference quality breeding makes and we’re here to help along the way. You can always contact our expert breeders with any grow questions or problems you may run into. There are so many new growers now that grow support is important and they’re is no extra charge to you. Actually, you may notice when you click on your strain, the price is actually lower. We’ve recently adjusted our prices so check for live deals going on now.

Canada’s Best Seed Bank With Fast Global Shipping

You want seeds and you want them now, so order from our Vancouver Seed Store today and get the gentics of your dreams delivered right to your door. We have over 100 BC strains in stock and ready to grow in your garden. We have what we believe to be the lowest prices for premium cannabis genetics. Grow from the best, grow BC Seed and buy from our Vancouver Seed Store.


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